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Millions of Brits prepare for Jubilee holidays

Millions of Brits prepare for Jubilee holidays

As many as four million Brits plan to make the most of the forthcoming double bank holiday weekend by taking at least one overnight stay in the UK, with 3.4 million people planning to take that trip in England.

That is according to VisitEngland’s Diamond Jubilee Trip Tracker, which predicts the trend will generate some £700million in tourism spend for the UK economy, just under £600million of which will be spent in England.

Around six million Brits are currently undecided about taking an overnight trip this weekend.

Some prefer to make last-minute decisions, whilst others are waiting on the weather forecast.

Of those still to make a decision, some are evidently waiting for inspiration, with 17 per cent unsure where they would like to go, and 15 per cent waiting on deals or special offers.

James Berresford, VisitEngland’s Chief Executive, commented: “Obviously there are a lot of people still undecided about their plans for this weekend, and this ties in with the increasing trend we have seen for last-minute booking.”