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New appointment for Brand USA

New appointment for Brand USA

Brand USA, the tourism marketing entity charged with promoting international visitation to the United States, is pleased to announce that Mike Gallagher, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of City Pass, has joined the organization as a loaned executive.

Gallagher joined the Brand USA team August 24 and will donate his time through mid-November. His expertise and strong travel industry leadership will be critical to Brand USA’s efforts to establish and expand partnerships and programs to release federal matching funds, which requires contributions from private industry. He will also work with stakeholders to maximize the economic benefits of in-bound travel to the United States’ economy.

“We are fortunate to have Mike on our team,” said Brand USA’s interim CEO and Chair-Elect Caroline Beteta. “His dedication to Brand USA is only matched by the wealth of experience he brings to the organization. Mike’s deep knowledge of the travel industry will enhance our partnerships and aid our overall goal of our responsiveness and communications with our government partners.”

“City Pass has enjoyed great success these past 15 years,” said Gallagher. “And much of that success comes from partnerships with agencies like Brand USA. We’re happy that we’re now able to give back something to the industry that has always been so supportive of us.”

Gallagher is a member of Brand USA’s Business Development Advisory Group. He was one of the key industry leaders involved in the passage of the Travel Promotion Act, which was signed into law in March 2010.  In addition, he was an integral member of the task force charged with supporting Brand USA’s launch.  He has since been engaged with Brand USA’s strategic development and has provided critical direction on the organization’s global marketing plan.


Mike has established temporary residence in Washington, D.C. during his time as a loaned executive. He will report to Brand USA’s interim CEO and Chair-Elect Caroline Beteta.