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Microsoft links up with Novotel for launch of hotel room of the future

Microsoft links up with Novotel for launch of hotel room of the future

Novotel has partnered with Microsoft to launch the hotel room of the future.

The room, named Room 3120 at Novotel Paris Vaugirard Montparnasse, showcases the latest in cutting-edge technology and innovative design, with Novotel and Microsoft working closely together to create a room that allows guests to sample the ultimate in hi-tech hotel rooms.

The visionary room will take guests on a technological journey with features including a Kinect interface, Sensorit mirror based on Kinect technology, a fitness interface and a Surface multimedia table.

Rather than the hotel room controlling the guest, the guest is able to control the room environment by body gestures and voice recognition, changing the space to suit the situation.

Novotel tapped the Naço architecture firm to translate this vision into reality and develop an overall concept, spanning from the brand identity to the design of an ambitious architecture and smart signage.

The resulting Room 3120 breaks free from traditional hotel thinking to offer a new experience in which people can share new sensations and enjoy new services.

Targeted to both Novotel’s business customers and family clientele, Room 3120 is packed with technology, but the goods are integrated in a contemporary layout that puts a priority on fluid lines.

Guests discover the unique ambiance of Room 3120 as they walk into the entrance, designed to serve as a ‘decompression chamber’ between the outside world and a spacious sensorial environment, filled with practical features and interactive technology that surround without being overwhelming.

Room 3120 is divided into two main spaces dedicated to entertainment and, of course, rest.

Each space has its own Xbox 360 console with Kinect.

The first, intended for the adults, has a fold-up bed, while the second, designed more as a playroom for the kids, has a tatami mat that rises up on one side to form a bench containing a Surface table with games and various multimedia applications.

Only part of the technology is visible, and smart signage guides users to the solutions they desire. The furniture disappears to make way for integrated, modular functions. The use of diffracted volumes and geometric shapes has made it possible to experience the available space in a new way.

The adults’ area is white, rather like in the TRON universe, while the children’s side is more playful and colourful.

The two environments co-exist and echo each other with extruded volumes.

An architecturally masterful green capsule, visible from the exterior, replaces the first room’s balcony and offers occupants a high- tech area and comforting cocoon.

“We wanted to reinvent the hotel room experience by harmoniously melding design and new digital technologies,” said Grégoire Champetier, global chief marketing officer, Novotel.

“It’s crucial to take our customers’ changing habits and expectations into account. In particular, this means rethinking our rooms in digital terms.”