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Lufthansa links with Travelport for content deal

Lufthansa links with Travelport for content deal

Business services provider Travelport has announced a new, multi-year global content agreement with Lufthansa.

Through the new agreement, Travelport has ensured that its Galileo and Worldspan travel agency customers worldwide have access to the full published content of Lufthansa.

Under the new agreement, all GDS surcharges will continue to be waived for Travelport-connected travel agencies who choose to participate in the Lufthansa Preferred Fares programmes that operate in Germany, Austria Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Andreas Haug, director of distribution strategy & sales costs for Lufthansa commented: “We very much value our ongoing partnership with Travelport who offer an important distribution channel for the sale of Lufthansa fares through their Galileo and Worldspan platforms.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with them over the coming years.”

Outside of Lufthansa “Preferred Fare” countries - Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein - Galileo and Worldspan-connected agencies will also continue to have access to all of Lufthansa’s published fares and inventory.