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Lufthansa asks passengers to wear masks while onboard

Lufthansa asks passengers to wear masks while onboard

Lufthansa Group has become the latest carrier to request all passengers wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth onboard flights.

In addition, the group recommends that passengers wear them throughout the entire journey.

This includes prior to and after the flight, and throughout the airport when the required minimum distance cannot be guaranteed without restriction.

Despite numerous adjustments to service procedures, it is not always possible to maintain the required distance on a flight.

Therefore, this measure serves as additional protection for all passengers, Lufthansa said.


All flight attendants on Lufthansa Group flights in direct contact with customers will also be required to wear a mask.

The Lufthansa Group is thus complying with the official regulations of numerous European countries in which the wearing of a mouth and nose cover is now mandatory in public places.

All passengers are requested to bring their own face mask and a reusable fabric mask is recommended, but all other types of coverings such as simple disposable masks or scarves are also acceptable.

The airlines will inform their passengers in advance by SMS or e-mail and on their websites about the new regulations.

The obligation to wear the mask will preliminarily apply until August.

The current regulation of Lufthansa Group Airlines to keep the neighbouring seat free in economy and premium economy class will no longer apply, as wearing the mouth-nose cover provides adequate health protection, the carrier said.

Due to the current low occupancy rate, seats will nevertheless be allocated as widely as possible throughout the cabin.

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