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Lufthansa advert gently mocks England football fans

German flag-carrier Lufthansa has released an advert poking fun at England football fans ahead of the European Championships.

The spot features two well-dressed England supporters being inadvertently rebooked onto a Lufthansa flight.

They are overwhelmed by visions of stereotypical German music, food and fans, before being relieved to discover it is all a dream.

Take a look below:

The ad is part of a wider effort by the airline to capitalise on the championships.

Over the next few weeks Lufthansa will once again turn into Fanhansa ahead of the tournament in France.

A special aircraft will be provided for the flight of the German national team to the team’s headquarters.

In addition to the Fanhansa logo, which is known from the World Cup in 2014, the plane’s fuselage will be decorated with the names of some 350 fans.

“The motto of our European Cup campaign is ‘Everyone’s Fanhansa’.

“The idea behind the new Fanhansa plane is that football fans will join us as we fly the national team to France on June 7th.

“Our other promotions also focus on our football-loving customers,” explained Alexander Schlaubitz, vice president marketing at Deutsche Lufthansa.

In 2014, during the World Cup in Brazil, Lufthansa changed its name to Fanhansa on the plane fuselage of part of the fleet.

The highlight of the campaign was the Fanhansa Siegerflieger plane, which took the world champions from Rio to Berlin.

The Boeing 747-8 still causes a stir as it flies around the world and will continue to do so until the 2018 World Cup.