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Aerolíneas Argentinas rejigs European schedule to improve connectivity

Aerolíneas Argentinas rejigs European schedule to improve connectivity

Aerolíneas Argentinas has confirmed a series of changes in its European network and its domestic network in Argentina, which will also improve connectivity.

The moves are designed to add more direct frequencies between cities without having to pass through Buenos Aires and expanding the offer of flights for the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere.

Among the announcements, from June onwards Aerolíneas will have one additional flight from Barcelona reaching a total of five per week, and an additional flight from Rome making it four weekly flights to the Argentine capital, while Madrid will continue with daily flights operated by modern Airbus 330s.

In addition to this, starting in July, Aerolíneas Argentinas will provide 18 per cent more seats on domestic flights as part of an aggressive plan to increase the connectivity in the southern nation.

“We shall continue offering the greatest connectivity in Argentina, increasing tourism and improving the experience of travellers both from Argentina as for those from abroad, adding new routes to the domestic network and combined with services to cities around the world,” said Guillermo Rudaeff, director general for Europe of Aerolíneas Argentinas.


“The commitment is to boost the Ezeiza hub and develop the focus city concept in Cordoba and Rosario to better connect the country without having to pass through Buenos Aires.”

As per the domestic network, the announced changes will involve a greater number of flights directly from the provinces to Ezeiza Airport.

The current proposal for flights with direct connections to the international network will unite Salta, which will allow for a better connection of that city with the international offer of Aerolíneas.

It would also increase the amount of direct flights to link the north and the south of the country, among which stands out the Córdoba-Ushuaia portion and also added are new flights, such as Rosario-Mendoza and Córdoba-Jujuy, offering more flights within the country without the need to pass through Buenos Aires, which will result in time savings for travellers.