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LATAM removes 75 per cent of all single-use plastics on board

LATAM removes 75 per cent of all single-use plastics on board

LATAM has removed 75 per cent of all single-use plastics on board. The initiative is part of the group’s commitment to eliminate all single-use plastics in its operation by 2023.
The measures include a change in the material of all service elements on board in economy class, eliminating 1,200 tonnes of single-use plastic, the equivalent of eliminating 36,000 500ml plastic bottles. The new service aims to introduce a more sustainable economy class and includes changes in the material of all items on board (glasses, cutlery, trays) to replace plastic with more sustainable materials such as bamboo cutlery, reusable trays, kraft paper packaging for cutlery and sustainable paper cups.

The initiative has already been implemented on all LATAM group’s regional and long-haul routes and is part of the group’s sustainability strategy, which aims to eliminate 100 per cent of single-use plastics used in its operations by 2023.

The approach is in addition to the changes carried out in the Premium Business cabin, which include the introduction of reusable bags for the sleeping items, as well as the new eco travel kits for passengers. Included in the new kit is a bamboo dental brush with sugar cane cover, earplugs and socks with packaging made from kraft paper, and an eye mask with packaging made from recycled plastic.

“Caring for the planet is a challenge for everyone and a necessity for LATAM, which is why we reviewed our services and identified nearly 1,800 tonnes of single-use plastic on board our international flights. So, our teams started to redefine all the details of the service, making a positive change for our customers and also for our planet”, says Paulo Miranda, LATAM Airlines Group Vice President of Customers.


The group has also added recycling and reuse measures. On domestic flights from Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, LATAM has implemented a “Recycle Your Travel” programme, with cabin crew separating plastic and cans on board. In Colombia, this separation takes place in the land. Together with women entrepreneurs and allied organisations, the group continues with its programme to reuse uniforms in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil, giving a second life to the uniforms of employees that are not being used.

These initiatives are part of LATAM’s sustainability strategy, goals of which include achieving zero waste to landfill by 2027, reducing and offsetting 50 per cent of domestic emissions by 2030, and reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.