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Kayak reveals quietest times to fly in UK

Kayak reveals quietest times to fly in UK

Travel search engine has revamped its Airlines pages, providing travellers with more comprehensive insight on flying with airlines worldwide, all in one place.

This enhancement includes, along with flight status and airline information, a list showing the frequency of certain flight routes served throughout the week and a section to find and track flights live on a map from one airport to another.

As part of this new feature, has analysed its data to find out when the skies are busiest, so that Brits with a flexible flying schedule can plan their trips abroad to avoid the queues - and hopefully bag a spare seat next to them.

With Brits flocking to enjoy sunnier climes from June to August the skies will be chock-a-block with UK travellers.

Those hoping to beat the crowds - and avoid long waits for passport control - should consider flying in April, the least busy month at airports, or December and February when holidaymakers are also few and far between.

However, travellers should keep in mind that destination options and departure days may be limited, as a number of flights to favourite holiday spots only operate in the summer months.

“At KAYAK, we’re lucky to have a wealth of travel options available at our fingertips,” said Loella Pehrsson, KAYAK regional director UK, Ireland & the Nordics.

“We know most travellers want to avoid crowds and queues so their trip can run as smoothly as possible.

“This means that being flexible and going against the usual travel cycle is key when it comes to the day, week or month to go on a trip. The Airlines pages at have recently been upgraded so our users can now search for flights with their favourite airline like British Airways.

“This, coupled with our insight into when the skies are busiest, gives our users the opportunity to book the best time to travel on their favoured airline, to their destination of choice, and avoid airport crowds at the same time.”

For the many who are restricted to summer holidays, or to a particular month, has also discovered that the second week of the month is the time to enjoy crowd-free travel from British airports.

Travellers that have the luxury of a flexible schedule and want to fly on the quietest travel days in the week, should avoid the weekend rush, between Friday and Monday, and opt for the quietest travel days of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Brits are not the only ones jetting off between June and August.

The data revealed that continental European skies are just as busy during this period.

In most countries April is the quietest month for travel, aside from Spain where the skies are quietest in May.

When it comes to day of the week to travel, mid-week is the least busy across all European airports.