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Jewel Changi Airport opens in Singapore

Jewel Changi Airport opens in Singapore

Jewel Changi Airport has been unveiled, with Singaporean residents given a first sneak peek into the one-of-a-kind lifestyle destination.

The 135,700 sqm complex, designed by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie, features a distinctive dome-shaped façade and firmly cements the facility’s position as the World’s Leading Airport.

Officially opening to the public next Wednesday, more than four years after ground was broken on the development in 2014, Jewel will offer travellers and visitors unique attractions, extensive shopping and dining experiences, as well as airport and accommodation facilities.

Hung Jean, chief executive of Jewel Changi Airport, said: “The unique proposition of world-class shopping and dining, seamlessly integrated with lush greenery, fulfils the needs of increasingly discerning travellers for a meaningful and experiential journey, even for brief layovers.”

The majestic 40-metre HSBC Rain Vortex, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, will greet visitors upon entering Jewel.

Surrounding it are the manicured grounds of the Shiseido Forest Valley.

Play attractions such as the Manulife Sky Nets, Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze and Discovery Slides were designed to blend into the unique indoor garden environment and will open in June.

Multiple retailing formats are present in Jewel, including duplexes, outdoor terraces and spaces within the Canopy Park on the topmost level.

Jewel will also house the first YotelAir property in Asia.

With smartly-designed cabins that can be booked for a minimum of four hours, it is ideal for short daytime layovers or overnight stays.

The opening of Jewel further increases the airport’s wide range of shopping, dining and accommodation offerings.

Changi Airport’s existing terminals house 400 retailers and 140 food and beverage outlets.

With Jewel, another 280 shops and eateries are added, bringing the total number of shopping and dining offerings to 820.

As for accommodation offerings, there are currently a total of 780 rooms in the transit hotels and Crowne Plaza Hotel combined.

With YotelAir opening within the Jewel complex, a further 130 rooms are now available, bringing the total number of rooms to 910.

Images courtesy: Jewel Changi Airport