Breaking Travel News finds confidence returning to UK travel market finds confidence returning to UK travel market

Customer confidence about international travel is at its highest point since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, polling has shown today.

With international returning to normal and travel restrictions ending, seven in ten respondents to a weekly survey about travel say they feel confident about booking and travelling on holidays.

This figure was as low as three in ten January last year, when travel restrictions were in full force.

Today, just one in ten say they do not feel confident about travelling, compared to January 2021 when this was figure was as high as 50 per cent.


This means a gap of 60 percentage points between those saying they are confident and those saying they are not confident today, the highest this gap has been since the pandemic started.

Data shows that this increased confidence is continuing to translate into strong demand across all seasons.

With Easter around the corner and Summer approaching, have seen strong and sustained demand with customers flocking to book their getaways to popular sun and leisure city destinations such as Greece, Turkey, Mainland Spain, the Canaries, the Balearic Islands, Malta and Portugal.

Steve Heapy, chief executive of, said: “It is two years since the onset of the pandemic and international travel is looking like it did before everything changed.

“This return to normality has had an enormous impact on customer confidence with holidaymakers jumping at the chance to get away.

“We have always said that things should return to the ‘old normal’ when the time was right, rather than trying to maintain a ‘new normal’ and it is great to see that this has happened.”