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Jamaica launches domestic tourism campaign

Jamaica launches domestic tourism campaign

The Jamaica Tourist Board has launched a Rediscover Jamaica program to encourage local residents to taste, see, feel and enjoy the tourism product.

The move comes as the island reopens using a phased approach to ensure the safety of everyone.

There is also likely to be more space, with American guests currently facing increased restrictions when trying to travel to the Caribbean island.

Renewing and upgrading the tourism process for Jamaicans, so they may safely enjoy the island with their friends and family is a priority at this time.

The rush of adventure, the beauty of nature, pristine horizons, or simply the relaxation of the beach are experiences Jamaicans will enjoy on their staycation.


“Travelers from around the world come to our island for a complete vacation experience and we are lucky to call it home,” said Donovan White, Jamaica director of tourism.

“We are excited to welcome our residents with the assurance that their vacation in Jamaica will be full of unforgettable moments.

“With the Emancipation and Independence holidays just a few weeks away, this is an excellent time for Jamaicans to experience and rediscover the beauty and rhythm of home.”

The campaign aims to generate interest in and use of the tourism facilities available on the island, including accommodations, attractions, transportation and shopping. 

It will feature a strong public relations and social media component coupled with tourism partners showcasing their offerings.

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For more information on Rediscover Jamaica and for holiday planning ideas, visit the official website.