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JAL signs up for Airplane Health Management with Boeing

JAL signs up for Airplane Health Management with Boeing

Japan Airlines (JAL) is to expand Boeing’s Airplane Health Management (AHM) coverage to its future 787 Dreamliner fleet.

AHM is a software system that monitors, collects and analyzes airplane data to give airplane customers valuable, real-time maintenance information.

This information allows airlines to initiate the needed maintenance immediately upon arrival at the airport gate.

Japan Airlines has 35 787 airplanes on order, and has licensed Airplane Health Management for these airplanes in addition to its existing fleet of 46 777 airplanes.

“The Airplane Health Management program has been helping Japan Airlines optimize the reliability of our fleet of 777s, and it will greatly support a successful introduction of the 787 into the family,” said Nobuhiro Sato, executive officer of engineering and maintenance, Japan Airlines.

“On-time performance is very important to passengers and our goal is to continue providing our customers a positive experience.”

Japan Airlines was a developmental partner for the original Airplane Health Management development effort and has used the service continuously since 2005.

The airline will use the AHM Real Time Fault Management Module on their 777 and 787 airplanes to communicate in-flight information to ground stations for diagnosis and quick operational decisions by scanning troubleshooting and historical repair data.