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JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort - an eco-friendly destination in Dubai

JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort - an eco-friendly destination in Dubai

Green Globe has confirmed certification of the JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Over the past few years this luxury resort has demonstrated leadership and innovation in the fields of operational efficiency and globally responsible practices on multiple levels.

Fredrik Reinisch, general manager, JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, is passionate about the environment and that is reflected across his team and throughout the resort grounds.

He said: “Being recognised as a Green Globe organisation is high up on our priorities list.

“As the global recognition for sustainable tourism, this is an award that accurately mirrors our goals and ambitions.

“Working toward the certification has been a team effort and the greatest realisation has been to see the passion from each of the departments as they identify their own ways of engaging with the program, whether it’s working with the local community or developing our own bio garden.

“Essentially it’s not about meeting the criteria; it’s about going over and above what’s required.

“Receiving this certification doesn’t mean efforts are now grounded. Sustainability is a long term plan, one which required dedication, teamwork and determination.”

The property introduced a new Aquaponics system - the revolutionary scheme for growing plants by fertilising them with the waste water from fish in a growing initiative.

Aquaponic gardening is a most productive way to grow organic produce, while providing the added benefits of fresh fish as a safe, healthy source of protein.

The onsite bio-garden produces a range of fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables for use within several dining outlets at the resort.

To fund the garden the dirty oil from the resort’s kitchens is converted into diesel by an external company.

The money generated is then used to buy tools and seeds, and pay the gardener. Following best practices while educating all associates is a key aspect at this eco-friendly destination.

The recently awarded ‘Middle East’s Leading Family Resort’ at the World Travel Awards is involved in numerous ongoing community activities, as well as specialised projects, such as “Marine Enrichment Activities.”

Fish from the resort’s beach was released into the waters of the Arabian Gulf – a response to an authority’s call in the Emirate for a more sustainable utilisation of the fisheries.

The resort supports the EWS-WWF’s Marine Turtle Conservation Project and sponsors a hawksbill turtle, listed as critically endangered.