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International traffic drives Aegean skyward in November

International traffic drives Aegean skyward in November

Aegean and Olympic Air have reported ten per cent growth in passenger traffic in November, welcoming 969,000 passengers on board their flights.

Passenger growth was mainly driven from international network, with the group carrying 555,000 passengers, an increase of 18 per cent compared to November last year.

Passenger traffic in the domestic network remained at last year’s levels, despite the operation of five other carriers active in the domestic market (three Greek and two foreign carriers), given Aegean’s fare promotional activities as well as supporting connecting traffic. 

Aegean’s international traffic from Athens grew by 15 per cent, with the group maintaining for the first time during the winter season, routes and frequencies mainly in France, Italy and Germany (i.e. Nice, Marseilles, Bologna, Basil, Venice, Catania), thus contributing on the extension of the tourist season.

It is highlighted that international traffic out of the regional bases grew by 30 per cent in November, with Aegean operating for the second consecutive year direct flights during the winter season from Heraklion, Crete to 11 destinations in Germany, France, Austria, Sweden and Norway, in co-operation with German tour operators, which will continue until April.


Dimitris Gerogiannis, chief executive of Aegean, commented: “Extending the tourist season in our country is crucial and requires investments in hotel accommodation, infrastructure and services, which could support also local employment.

“Aegean contributes to this effort by investing in its network expansion during the winter season at a cost.

“However, to ensure the effective results, coordinated efforts by the state and all interested parties in the sector are required.”