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Innovata LLC - March 2010 Database Reports

Innovata LLC - March 2010 Database Reports

At the end of March 2010 we had 902 airlines in the SRS database of which 813 operate under their own designator. During March, on average, 94.08% of the database by volume was updated each week, and over the month 99.0% of the database was updated and refreshed.

For the first three months of 2010 Innovata LLC averaged 94.08% of the database being updated each week and 98.99% each month. This is an all time high for the average weekly update figure over a quarter. 

Amongst the airlines on base, Innovata LLC have 108 airlines designated as Low Cost Carriers; and 133 airlines who file F and V services (cargo and truck services). A total of 267 airlines currently in the database operate wide body aircraft and /or F and V services.

At the end of March Innovata LLC also had 78,059 minimum connect time exceptions filed.

So far in 2010 Innovata LLC have added 19 airlines to the database, recorded 8 IATA code or airline name changes to currently operating airlines, and recorded 13 airlines that have either ceased operations, suspended operations or merged.


These lists are included in the attached spreadsheet for your information and will be maintained as a running total during the year as Innovata LLC issue these month end status reports to you.

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