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Iberia Leads the Way in Innovation with Three Aenor Certifications

Iberia Leads the Way in Innovation with Three Aenor Certifications

Iberia is at the forefront of innovation, as demonstrated by its three Aenor certificates.

It is the first company in the tourism sector and the first airline in the world to obtain these three certificates simultaneously. In Spain, only three companies have achieved all three UNE certificates, and one of them is Iberia.
The UNE are certifiable specifications whose objective is to standardise processes, establishing requirements to be fulfilled by organisations according to each type of standard.

Iberia has obtained the three UNE innovation certificates that endorse its innovation, surveillance, and intelligence management system, as well as its capacity to carry out the technological transfer of its own intellectual property to a third company.

Iberia Airport Services, at the Forefront of Digitisation and Innovation in the Handling Sector

Obtaining these innovation UNEs is directly linked to the ramp handling tenders called by Aena, in which Iberia Airport Services is bidding for the licences at 41 airports.


The technical section of these tenders has been built on three verticals: innovation, sustainability, and people, and Iberia Airport Services has presented a very robust proposal in all three of them.
Specifically, in the area of innovation, in addition to providing projects and commitments that exceed the requirements set by Aena, Iberia Airport Services provided these three certificates, which it achieved in record time and which required compliance with Aenor’s stringent process, along with other departments in the airline, such as Operations, Safety and Quality, Sustainability and Transformation. According to Nacho Tovar, Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation at Iberia, “having obtained the three UNE certificates in just four months not only certifies the innovation management system that we were already developing at Iberia; it has also helped us to raise our innovation model to an optimal level of demand that enhances synergies and leads change within the company”.

The airline benefited from the guidance and expertise of the innovation consultancy Inovalabs during the process.

These are the three UNE standards with which Aenor has certified innovation in Iberia: 

UNE 166002: R&D&i Management System.

This UNE certifies that an organisation is able to innovate with a clear strategy designed by its management. It analyses whether leaders promote innovation and a culture that fosters adaptability. At the same time, it certifies the search for new opportunities and the generation of new knowledge through creativity and the implementation of technological projects.

UNE 166006: Surveillance and Intelligence System

This certification guarantees that Iberia constantly conducts an external and internal analysis of the competition, the macroeconomic context, and the latest technological and innovative trends in the market and in society.

It also certifies that decisions are made on the basis of these analyses, and that the organisation uses surveillance and intelligence as key tools to manage its innovation. Innovation improves access to and management of scientific, technical, legislative, regulatory, economic, market, and social information.
UNE 166008: Technology Transfer

This certifies that the organisation fulfils all the necessary requirements to carry out the transfer of the technology obtained from an innovation activity to a third company.