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EU sets new roaming limits to protect travellers

EU sets new roaming limits to protect travellers

Holidaymakers will breath a sigh of relieve after new rules have come into force across the EU that aim to prevent users from racking up large phone and internet roaming bills.

New rules mean that users will be automatically cut off when their monthly bill for using the internet abroad reaches 50 euros (£41), excluding VAT.

“There will be no more bill shocks for tourists or business travellers surfing the internet with smart phones or laptops while in another EU country,” said the European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes.

Customers will receive a warning when they have used 80 percent of this limit.

They can set their own monthly cut-off point by contacting their provider.


The move follows cases where people built up massive bills by watching videos or downloading music while abroad.

One German traveller faced a bill of €46,000 for downloading a film while in France.

Under the rules operators must send details of data roaming charges to customers when they enter another EU country

Holidaymakers travelling in the EU will also see a fall in the maximum tariff when making a call, from 43 cents (37p) a minute to 39 cents (33p).

The existing top limit of 19 cents (16p) a minute when receiving a call will also drop to 15 cents (13p).