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Hard Rock Hotels debuts new Reverb brand

Hard Rock Hotels debuts new Reverb brand

Hard Rock Hotels has welcomed the launch of new brand, Reverb.

The new hotel concept is designed to be an energetic cultural hub for connection, creation and inspiration among music fans, locals and travellers alike.

With a prime location adjacent to Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Reverb Downtown Atlanta marks the first opening, with additional properties slated to open in major United States cities in the next two years.

Reverb properties boast a modern, urban design with all of the necessary amenities for guests to channel their creativity, while enjoying the comforts of traveling and getting to know a new city.

In an effort to curate experiences outside the hotel and engrain guests into the local communities, the brand also introduces its City Guides, all of which are unique to each locale and curated by local musicians who know their city best.


“Our guiding principle when ideating around Reverb was fostering social connections and providing a multitude of spaces for our diverse range of guests to express themselves and their passions for creativity and exploration,” said Jim Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International.

“Through our extensive research, we understand the modern traveller is hungry for opportunities to connect with new people and encounter a melting pot of cultures and experiences.

“To meet those aspirations, we crafted a unique hotel brand that is the ultimate sanctuary for the dynamic needs of today’s travellers, but also has a clear Hard Rock feel to it through music.”

With 195 rooms, 11 floors, unique workspaces, dynamic common areas and unparalleled views of the Atlanta skyline and Mercedes-Benz Stadium from the RT60 Rooftop Bar, Reverb Downtown Atlanta is an ideal hangout for travellers looking to get a taste of a new city from the perspective of a local or see their own city from a bird’s eye view.

Reverb Downtown Atlanta will showcase many signature features, designed in partnership with Gensler, which guests can expect across all forthcoming properties.

With an open layout and welcoming vibe for all who walk through the front doors, guests will notice ties to the local communities weaved throughout each individual property, paying tribute to the talent and music fans who make each city unique.