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Half of hotel guests prefer asking for help from hotel staff via the internet

Half of hotel guests prefer asking for help from hotel staff via the internet

One in two hotel guests (49 per cent) said they would feel happier asking for help from hotel staff, using technology, rather than having to speak to them face-to-face, a new survey by cost-free app platform,, has revealed.

The survey of 1,000 British hotel goers found that half of guests favoured using technology to voice their concerns or queries. In fact, 23 per cent of guests said they’d rather go online to chat with a hotel representative than do so in person.

Isabella Glendinning, VP Sales and Marketing Europe at, commented: “It’s a clear indication that technology is not only providing hotel guests with a variety of platforms to express their views to management, but is also becoming an integral part of a hotel’s customer service offering.” is a platform that enables hotels to create fully customised apps detailing information about the hotel in a format that’s easy for the guests to use. Hotel pricing, reservations and information about facilities are all functions that the app delivers, as well as the ability for guests to leave feedback on their stay.

“You could say that the research shows traits that are typically British, but the reality is that mobile and tablet apps, and other web-based communication platforms are time-saving options for both the customer and hotel. Confrontation is something that most hotel guests and staff want to avoid, and the growth of mobile and tablet devices means that despite being in the same building as hotel staff, requests and concerns can be addressed remotely,” continued Glendinning.


Earlier this year, the PWC released a report into trends in the hospitality industry. The study found that the digital media is “revolutionising choosing, booking, experiencing and sharing.” Further research from the Accor Group revealed that 36 per cent of European business travellers had downloaded a hotel booking application and 49 per cent always or occasionally share their opinions on social media.