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Griffin Technology launches iTrip Clip

Griffin Technology has released its latest device, the iTrip Clip, which cuts the cable between your smartphone and headphones to deliver the ultimate in wireless freedom to listen and control your music.

Don’t worry if your favourite smartphone doesn’t have the headphone jack.

iTrip Clip connects your favourite headphones wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth 4.1.

iTrip Clip reconnects automatically with your smartphone or tablet once properly paired.

You’re in complete control of your smartphone or tablet with iTrip Clip’s play, pause, skip tracks forward and backward and volume controls.

Activate Siri, and make phone calls, too.

iTrip Clip’s built-in clip slips onto a sleeve, shirt collar, or bag strap for total control at your fingertips.

Cut the cables that tie you down, with iTrip Clip.

More Information

Find out more about the iTrip Clip on the official website.