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Grenada to lift all Covid-19 restrictions next week

Grenada to lift all Covid-19 restrictions next week

The tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique has announced the removal of all Covid-19 restrictions, including entry restrictions for unvaccinated travellers.

From April 4th, all travellers, regardless of vaccination status, will no longer be required to take Covid-19 tests to enter.

There will also be no further need to show proof of vaccination status or complete forms on arrival.

Shawn Charles, chief medical officer for ministry of health Grenada, said: “Grenada is at a stage where we can consider the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, even though we are aware that the pandemic is not yet over. 


“We’re delighted to be able to offer all travellers a seamless and easy travel experience and we’re looking forward to welcoming them to our beautiful islands.”

Masks will also no longer be mandatory while in the country, and will become an optional choice.

Those arriving in Grenada before midnight on April 4th, will still be subject to the current requirements and rules.

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