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Government APD announcement - SIA response

“Today’s announcement that there will be no changes to the APD banding system is deeply disappointing and is yet another blow to the aviation industry in the UK following the rise in APD revealed by the Chancellor in his Autumn statement. The status quo fails to recognise the distinction between long-haul destinations that cannot be serviced by alternative modes of transport and short-haul trips that can.  It is short-sighted of the UK government to excessively tax the route between the UK and Singapore, which is an important hub for business and trade in the Asia-Pacific region.
From the perspective of an international, long haul carrier, such levels of taxation inevitably damages the appeal of the UK as a tourism destination in comparison to other European countries. It also runs contrary to claims that the UK is ‘open for business’”

(Mr. Phee Teik Yeoh, Singapore Airlines General Manager for the UK & Ireland)

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