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Goats, Turtles and Kangaroos Are Now in Charge of The Wedding Rings at Wedding Ceremonies

Here are 9 other animals, besides dogs and cats, who were used as ring bearers for weddings.
1. Goats. A 37-year-old Australian woman decided to have her pet goat, Lilly, as a ring bearer for her wedding day. Lilly, is an eight-year-old white goat. She dressed up Lilly in a beautiful white sash and a fabulous tiara. Rose said: “She looked so beautiful that she nearly upstaged me.”

2. Turtles. Ericka and Jay Johnson included a turtle as the ring bearer for their wedding. The end result was awesomely adorable, but it did mean it became the wedding with the slowest walk down the aisle in recorded history. Strawberries were laid down the aisle so the turtle followed the right path.

3. Owls. Shaun Palmer of Sunderland, England, surprised his bride at their wedding when an owl named Bilbo flew down the aisle to deliver the wedding rings. Bilbo is the name of a character in The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series.

4. Kangaroos. A woman on Reddit said her mom had her pet kangaroo as the ring bearer at her wedding. There is no shortage of jokes about a kangaroo walking the rings down the aisle. On Reddit someone replied that the kangaroo was, a “ring bearer at the wedding,” and, “a bouncer at the husband’s stag party.”

5. Cows. A California couple got married and had a dairy farm cow as their ring bearer. It was in fact, just a calf, and only two months old when she took on the wedding day duty. The couple raised her to carry the rings and got her used to groups of people in hopes that she’d be the best, and most moo-ving ring bearer of all time. We hear she did a fantastic job.


6. Donkeys. There’s a company in Northern California that rents out miniature donkeys. The website,, states, “Our little burros are available for rehearsal dinners, cocktail hours, receptions, or for the actual ceremony. They are unforgettable ring bearers, beverage servers, selfie stations, or tequila servers.”

7. Alligators. In Central PA, Dani and Jake Newman chose a friendly alligator named Wally to be included in their wedding. He waddled down the aisle wearing a custom tuxedo. The alligator and its handler delivered the rings to the wedding couple who share a love for alligators.

8. Ferrets. A woman and her husband had their two ferrets, Binks and Littlefoot as ring bearers for their wedding ceremony. They said it was a “no brainer.” They had to search for a venue that was not only beautiful but animal friendly. During the outdoor ceremony, the two boy ferrets brought the rings down the aisle in style. They both wore tuxedos and carried the couple’s rings down in little bags that were delicately tied to them.

9. Monkeys. A man planned a shocking surprise for his bride by getting a monkey to carry their rings at their wedding ceremony. Jamie Richardson, spent around $2,000 to pull the amazing stunt for his wife, Natalie Biggins, who has always been fond of primates.