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Gainsborough Bath Spa unveils new sound healing treatments

Gainsborough Bath Spa unveils new sound healing treatments

The five-star Gainsborough Bath Spa has launched private Crystal Sound Bath sessions in the brand-new Meditation Cave.

YTL Hotels’ first property in the UK, The Gainsborough is Bath’s leading luxury hotel, famous for its award-winning Spa Village, which is now enhancing its offering with these sessions led by experienced and knowledgeable therapists. 

Having opened to great acclaim in 2015, The Gainsborough is already famed for its high-end spa and fitness options, having introduced Tai Chi and Aquasana to guests last year, this is another step in the all-encompassing wellness approach that Spa Village champions.

Although sound healing was a common practice in many ancient civilisations, Crystal Sound Baths have recently become increasingly popular in the UK thanks to their mental and physical benefits.

The combination of sound and vibration releases tension, and lowers the heart rate, balancing the energy centres of the body on a cellular level and inducing a sense of deep peace.

While the sounds are often subtle, the vibrations created by the soundwaves are powerful and long lasting, meaning the positive effects of Crystal Sound Bath are renowned to last for hours following a session.

During these private and group classes in the Meditation Cave, pure quartz crystal bowls are played at different vibrational frequencies throughout the 45-minute session.

These frequencies encourage Theta brainwaves to be emitted, creating the same state of brain activity as we experience during deep REM sleep and meditation, ensuring a total state of relaxation.


The classes combine this powerfully zen experience with chroma colour therapy to elevate the experience for the soul, mind, and body, for a truly immersive experience.

These brand-new private sessions will be debuted in the Meditation Cave – a stunning addition to The Gainsborough’s Spa Village.

Taking inspiration from nature, the space is adorned with hanging lanterns to create a warm and intimate atmosphere and is based in earthy and neutral colours and textures, minimising distraction to allow attendees to fully immerse themselves in their practice of meditation.