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Future Energy: challenges and new opportunities

Future Energy: challenges and new opportunities

October 8th 2013 a debate on the theme “Future Energy: challenges and new opportunities” was held at the palace of Independence. The organizers of this session were Astana EXPO-2017 and the “KAZENERGY” educational program.

Two teams took part in the debates. The objective of which were either to act in defense of the main theme “Traditional or alternative energy sources – which is best?” or to refute it.  The team consisting of professional debaters were: Makazhan Shaiken , head of the legal analysis of RSE “Center for Analysis and Information “, Kentbekov Argyn , Head of the Legal Department of JSC “Mining and Metallurgy Concern ” Kazakhaltyn ” Shalekenov Timur , an expert on converged services TOO ”Cartel” . ” Team of Experts were comprised of Ainur Sospanova , director of “green” technologies and investment MEP , Eric Tanayev , Deputy General Director of JSC ” Zhasyl Damu ” and Saltanat Rahimbekova , PhD, Chairman of the Board of Legal Entities ” Coalition for a ” green ” economy and the development of G-Global. In the end professional debaters were selected as the winning team by the judge Timur Bayguzhinov – support group procurement engineer of LLP “Astana Solar”, as they proved to be more convincing in their position as the defenders of traditional energy sources. They were awarded a prize. The purpose of the debates was to draw the youths attention towards the challenges in the field of energy and environment; discussions on the possibilities and dificulties of transitioning towards a stable future energy.

The youth debates are being held for the second year round and have become a good tradition for EXPO 2017 and KAZENERGY. International Youth Forum KAZENERGY, sponsored by the Education Program and the KAZENERGY Youth Committee, is part of the annual KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum.

KAZENERGY Youth Forum is a large international event attended by more than 200 young leaders of Kazakhstan, as well as the representatives of the energy, business and government sectors.