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Founder of the telephone celebrates launch of latest mobile travel technology

Founder of the telephone celebrates launch of latest mobile travel technology

In celebration of how far technology has come, inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell returned to his hometown this month, to attend the launch of the most extensive, interactive tourist guide App available for the city – Digi-Guide Edinburgh.

Paul Nixon, MD of Roam Edinburgh, the company behind Digi-Guide Edinburgh, helped Edinburgh native, Graham Bell, demonstrate how advances in telephone technology have led to the city’s most comprehensive tourist guide App, designed for i-Phones.


Paul Nixon commented: “Alexander Graham Bell was not only born in March, but it is also the month when his patent for the telephone was approved back in 1876.  We decided it was the perfect time to launch the new Digi-Guide Edinburgh App in honour of his contribution, which started the telecoms revolution over 160 years ago and made i-Phones and Apps possible today.



“Having a huge level of information at the touch of a button in a mobile device gives users a degree of flexibility and freedom previously not available to tourists looking to explore Scotland’s capital. This innovation is the perfect use of modern technology in a user friendly and accessible way.”


A good value alternative to traditional walking or bus tours, Digi-Guide Edinburgh puts the destination experience firmly in the hands of the tourist and their own interests. The comprehensive guide brings together a wealth of information and a number of unique features in to one simple, user-friendly Application. Combining audio commentary and striking photography with GPS map-tracking and local knowledge, Digi-Guide Edinburgh offers the widest range of downloadable tours of the city currently available. Other features include a guide to rainy day activities and the pick of the best places to eat and drink.


The 12 detailed tours highlight key landmarks and points of interest along the way, from classic trails around Edinburgh’s most iconic sites, such as The Royal Mile and New Town, to more unusual options, including the architectural and gallery tours, or guides to the city’s best shops and its most haunted locations.


The audio commentary function - a first in UK App tour guides, is narrated by a local resident and keeps visitors informed as they explore the city, giving a personal perspective and inside knowledge of Edinburgh’s hidden gems, off the traditional tourist track.


By using GPS technology, Digi-Guide Edinburgh remains self-contained, so visitors never have to worry about expensive roaming costs, often associated with similar interactive mobile guides.  The GPS positioning also enables visitors to be alerted to points of interest as they wander the city and ensures they never feel lost.


Tourists without an iPhone need not feel left out, similar handheld units are also available to rent and can be delivered to all hotels within the city. Roam Edinburgh is also currently working on a similar Digi-Guide tour for Manchester, due to launch in Summer 2010.