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Formula 1 jets into Russia ahead of inaugural Grand Prix

Basel Aero, a part of Russia’s industrial diversified group Basic Element, has welcomed three cargo jets carrying Formula One race cars to the Sochi International Airport from Japanese Nagoya.

A 130-ton cargo consisting of Formula One race cars, spare parts and racing equipment was dispatched to Sochi International Airport, a main gateway to the upcoming Russian Grand Prix race via three cargo jets.

Boeing 747-800F, the world’s longest freighter jet and two Boeing 747-400Fs arrived from Nagoya Monday night.

The flights were performed by AirBridgeCargo, the first Russia’s carrier in the international scheduled cargo market and Japanese Nippon Cargo Airlines.

The racing cars, delivered disassembled, were packed in special containers.


Apart from the vehicles, the cargo contained chassis, other spare parts as well as broadcasting equipment of the TV channels accredited for the races.

After the containers were screened with the mobile screening devices at the customs, they proceeded to the Sochi Autodrom located in the Olympic Park, home to the sports venues used during the Winter Olympic Games in February 2014.

The first Russian Formula One Grand Prix is scheduled for October 10th-12th.

The next shipment of Formula One sports equipment will arrive in Sochi on October 7th via three Boeing 747-400Fs.

The cargo will be delivered from Japan by a transit flight via Eastern Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

Leonid Sergeyev, Basel Aero chief executive: “Handling of cargo jets with racing cars and equipment is not a new challenge for the Sochi International Airport.

“Our Olympic experience, when the airport handled 1,600 tons of cargo, helps us to carry out all the on-and-off loading operations properly.

“It’s a great honor for the airport to be a gateway for Russia’s first Grand Prix Formula One.”