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Flybe taking to the air again tomorrow as some airports re-open

Flybe taking to the air again tomorrow as some airports re-open

Flybe, the UK’s Number One domestic airline, is wasting no time in ensuring that Britain gets back on the move and will start operating services again from Aberdeen, Belfast City, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Newcastle from 1005 tomorrow, Tuesday April 20th following this afternoon’s confirmation by National Air Traffic Services and the Met Office that designated portions of UK airspace are declared open from tomorrrow morning.

The first flight will take off from Belfast City at 1005 heading for Edinburgh at the start of what is expected to be a busy day of flying as disrupted travellers have the opportunity to start moving once more.

Flybe will operate the following services tomorrow with tickets on sale now and all flight details available at

BE 117 Belfast City - Aberdeen   dep 1045
BE 118 Aberdeen - Belfast City   dep 1215
BE 127 Belfast City - Glasgow   dep 1015
BE 128 Glasgow - Belfast City   dep 1125
BE 129 Belfast City - Glasgow   dep 1635
BE 130 Glasgow - Belfast City   dep 1745
BE 131 Belfast - Glasgow         dep 1845
BE 132 Glasgow - Belfast City   dep 1955
BE 331 Belfast City - Inverness   dep 1225
BE 332 Inverness - Belfast City   dep 1100
BE 427 Belfast City - Newcastle   dep 1725
BE 428 Newcastle - Belfast City   dep 1845
BE 684 Edinburgh - Belfast City   dep 1005
BE 685 Belfast City - Edinburgh   dep 1425
BE 688 Edinburgh - Belfast City   dep 1605
BE 689 Belfast City - Edinburgh   dep 1725
BE 690 Edinburgh - Belfast City   dep 1840
BE 691 Belfast City - Edinburgh   dep 1955

Flybe advises people to check on a regular basis this afternoon with regard to the continually unfolding situation as plans are already in the pipeline for the possibility of also operating some services from Birmingham, Leeds Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester tomorrow.


Mike Rutter, Flybe’s Chief Commercial Officer says: “We have of course been as frustrated as our travellers at this unprecedented disruption to air services as a result of last week’s vocanic eruption in Iceland and our aircraft have been crewed and ready to take off for days, just waiting for the go-ahead.

“Whilst the picture for the remainder of the week currently remains unclear, we are hopeful that the worst might be behind us, but we nevertheless continue to remain at the mercy the unpredictable weather conditions and any ongoing activity of the Icelandic volcano.

Passengers due to fly on any flights not confirmed to fly tomorrow should not to go to their airport of departure.

In addition, Flybe’s franchise partner, Loganair, has announced it will be operating 75% of all its flights as scheduled tomorrow. Booking and full details of available flights on