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First vehicle for Chengdu Metro Line II rolls off production line in Qingdao

First vehicle for Chengdu Metro Line II rolls off production line in Qingdao

The metro vehicle for Chengdu Metro Line II gives priority to “Advanced, Mature, Environmentally-friendly, and Human-centric” design philosophy and adopts international advanced AC drive traction system. As for the vehicle body, the metro vehicle employs the lightweight stainless steel body that is resistant to corrosion and high temperature and has long service life. On the exterior surface of the vehicle body the coating-free technique is used to highlight the vehicle’s green and environmentally-friendly performance as well as reduce the cost of maintaining the exterior surface. On the top the vehicle adopts modularized internal structure, making the vehicle more lightweight, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly. The vehicle for Chengdu Metro Line II adopts the “4 motor cars plus two trailer cars” marshalling form, in which its maximum running speed is 80km /h, seating capacity, 1468 persons, and maximum passenger capacity, 1880 persons.
In terms of human-centric design, the vehicle has its uniqueness: the graceful coating-free stainless steel body with metal texture, novel and succinct locomotive type, fresh and quietly elegant colors in the vehicle like white, yellow, and stainless steel metal color, and seats made of embossed stainless steel bring modern, clean, and distinctive experiences to passengers. In the vehicle there are passenger information display system and video play system etc., which can duly afford passengers diverse information like station arrival, news, and cultural entertainment etc. The vehicle is specially equipped with eight dedicated zones for the disabled, which facilitate the disabled to fix their wheelchairs. In the passenger compartment there is a camera monitoring system, which can monitor the vehicle in real time and display the monitoring video on the ground command center’s large-screen monitoring system. That helps realize the remote dispatching and safety monitoring as well as efficiently improve the vehicle’s security performance. In the passenger compartment there are also emergency alarm devices, which enable passengers to communicate with the driver in the event of emergency, and so the driver can efficiently handle unexpected accidents.
As an important rail transit equipment R & D and production base in China, CSR Sifang not only performed well in high-speed EMU sector, but also made remarkable achievements in urban rail metro industry. In December 2003, CSR Sifang’s vehicles for Beijing Metro Batong Line were officially put into service, filling the company’s blank in output of metro products. So far, the company has assumed the development and production of vehicles for 14 metro lines in Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Shenyang, and Tianjin etc., and that it won the bid of Singapore Type-A Metro Vehicle Project in 2009, filling China’s blank in the export of metro vehicles towards developed countries and symbolizing that CSR Sifang has launched its products into one of the countries with the world highest metro technology access standard. At present, CSR Sifang has totally won the orders for production of 2800-odd metro vehicles.
It is introduced that Chengdu Metro Line II extends from the northwest to the southeast and runs through Chengdu CBD, and it is viewed as a backbone line of Chengdu Metro Network. In light of the planning, all 42 vehicles for the Metro Line II will be delivered in December, 2012, during which, 23 vehicles for the Phase I will be delivered by May, 2012. It is also learned that the Phase I Project will be put into service by the end of 2012.


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