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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Dives Into Ocean Conservation

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Dives Into Ocean Conservation

Fairmont Restaurants showcase sustainable seafood throughout April.

As part of the company’s “green hotels” initiative, throughout April Fairmont Hotels & Resorts will raise awareness and funds to protect endangered fish. Chefs in Fairmont dining rooms will demonstrate how good the alternatives can be by highlighting their favorite sustainable seafood entrees. Dining room(i) guests will be invited to donate $1 (or local equivalent) to the National Geographic Society (NGS) in support of ocean conservation and the restoration of living marine resources.

Fairmont’s commitment to ocean sustainability means working with reputable suppliers who purchase fish that are resilient to fishing pressure and harvested in ways that limit habitat damage.

The sustainability of marine species will be the focus at Doha, Qatar on March 13 when governments will meet to discuss endangered wildlife trade, which includes Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna.

In an effort to create more sustainable seafood menu items, in 2008, Fairmont removed bluefin tuna and Chilean sea bass from its menus - and began working with local seafood watch organizations, ensuring that Fairmont guests feast on a wide variety of fish caught or sourced in ways that contribute to their continued survival.


Fairmont Hotels & Resorts’ dedication to the environment goes well beyond marine conservation. The luxury hotel brand maintains a comprehensive commitment to purchasing local, organic, sustainable food items whenever possible.

With a long commitment to developing “green hotels,” environmental stewardship and responsible tourism, Fairmont is a sponsor of the National Geographic Mission Programs as well a member of the WWF global Climate Savers program.