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Expo 2017: Dmitry Petruhin is continuing his trip

Expo 2017: Dmitry Petruhin is continuing his trip

Round-the-world trip of President of International Children’s Geographic Society Dmitry Petruhin is still on. Only recently his expedition celebrated the victory of Astana over the right to host Expo 2017.

Having toured around the Caribbean, Kazakhstan’s traveler is now heading towards American continent. Here he will hoist the flag of Kazakhstan once again. The first objective of biker Petruhin is to tell everyone about EXPO-2017 to be hosted in Kazakhstan.

For many years now, Dmitry has been travelling on his motorcycle talking about Kazakhstan. This year “Goodwill Ambassador” has been charged with the mission to promote the new international initiative from the Geographic Society of Kazakhstan – Young Travelers’ Club. The primary purpose of the expedition is to create an effective platform of broad knowledge in geography, tourism, international relations at the school age and to bring students of all countries together at one online portal focusing on travel, learning geography, world history and other natural sciences using modern informational technologies.

Kazakhstan has now fully embarked on preparation for EXPO-2017. Meanwhile, in America, Dmitry is inviting people to support EXPO-2017 and visit Astana in 2017.

The first city on the route of the “Goodwill Ambassador” is Tucson, Arizona, which has been the twin-town of Almaty since 1991. Chairperson of the Twin Towns Committee Jerry Garry welcomed Dmitry in his office. Heads of municipal departments of sports and tourism, chamber of commerce, research fellows and our students studying in the USA with Bolashak scholarship came to meet Kazakhstan’s traveler. Dmitry talked about EXPO-2017.  Besides, everyone at the meeting had the opportunity to learn about Kazakhstan, EXPO International Exhibition and forthcoming Universiade. 


Chairman of the Twin Towns Committee wholeheartedly thanked Dmitry Petruhin for another visit to their city (he first visited in 2005) and noted that today’s meeting was more productive. At the end of the conversation, Jerry Garry gave Dmitry Petruhin a certificate for visiting all the tourist attraction in Arizona.