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EvolviNG pushes down rail costs for travel management companies

EvolviNG pushes down rail costs for travel management companies

Corporate clients of travel management companies using the EvolviNG online rail booking platform paid less on average for rail journeys in 2014 than the previous year.

Analysis by Evolvi Rail Systems shows that its one million registered users of the system paid £58.73 as an average ticket value in the last 12 month, compared to £59.03 in 2013.

Jon Reeve, Evolvi trade relations director, said: “Increasing awareness of the benefits of booking rail in advance, together with the ability to create customised travel policies and plan using insightful management information, continue to bear down on average ticket values, despite headline general fares increases.

“The reduction in ATV is also a consequence of the functionality and reporting innovations that result from regular and close dialogue with TMCs.

“Most industry pundits expect the upward curve in ticket prices to continue, so smart procurement - and industry partnership - has never been so important in an era of rapid corporate travel expansion across rail.”


Evolvi’s online system focuses exclusively on business rail travel and is used by Travel Management Companies to meet the needs of their corporate customers.

Evolvi has been designed by business travel specialists to provide travel managers and procurement professionals with an online rail booking and ticket fulfilment service.

It is able to deliver significant advantages in cost centre and project code transaction cost attribution, travel policy compliance and on-line management information capability.

The system can also provide a complete on-line C02 emissions report using multi-modal comparative data.