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Etihad Airways launches sustainability initiative at Manchester City

Etihad Airways launches sustainability initiative at Manchester City

Manchester City and Etihad Airways have announced the installation of new plastic recycling pods outside the Etihad Stadium that aim to inspire fans to make conscious choices and join the sustainability journey.

As part of the airlines Recycle, Reward, Repeat initiative, the pods - which will in place at the stadium from this weekend’s game - will allow fans to recycle plastic bottles and earn exclusive Etihad rewards.

Manchester City has made significant steps on its sustainability journey over a number of years, developing and adopting more environmentally friendly practices.

These include a managed waste system which means that zero waste is sent to landfill from the Etihad Campus, the removal of single-use plastics from the Etihad Stadium and successful trialling this season of edible coffee cups, increasing vegan food options and switching to compostable packaging.

In the spirit of its Choose Well campaign, Etihad Airways has recently launched the Conscious Choices loyalty programme where guests can show their love and care for the planet by making eco-conscious choices.


The programme rewards travellers with Tier Miles and additional benefits for carrying less baggage on board and offsetting their flights’ carbon emissions using Etihad Guest Miles.

Pete Bradshaw, director of sustainability at Manchester City, said: “Manchester City has a clear set of values as we continue on our sustainability journey and look to adopt more environmentally friendly approaches and connect with our communities to encourage and change behaviours.

“As an organisation, we have taken significant steps in terms of waste management, consumption, energy efficiency and water use in recent years.

“We will continue to work towards our goals in this space.”