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Etihad Airways 20th anniversary art exhibition: Unveiling the UAE – Past, Present and Future

Etihad Airways 20th anniversary art exhibition: Unveiling the UAE – Past, Present and Future

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has unveiled a unique art collection at Zayed International Airport. The exhibition is the result of a collaboration launched to celebrate Etihad’s 20th anniversary and brings together 20 renowned artists who created physical and digital art, to commemorate two decades of aviation excellence.

Under the theme ‘Unveiling the UAE, Past, Present, and Future’, the works of art provide a unique and captivating perspective on the rich history, vibrant present, and promising future of the United Arab Emirates. Through this unique collaboration which culminates in an auction of the art works, Etihad is supporting and nurturing the talents of the local art community.

Amina Taher, Vice President Brand, Marketing and Sponsorships, Etihad Airways, said: “This exciting initiative was designed to celebrate the UAE’s talented artists and to support the cultural community that enriches life and the art scene in our capital, Abu Dhabi. As part of Etihad’s 20th Anniversary celebrations, we wanted to create an art exhibition celebrating the past, present and future of the UAE and to display this beautiful art at our new home at Zayed International Airport for our guests to enjoy.”

A number of the artists’ creations are on display in the premium check-in area at Etihad’s new home, Zayed International Airport, with the full collection being available from 8 May until 15 July. Guests will have the opportunity to engage with the art as they commence their journey and can choose to bid through the online auction on the work that catches their eye and imagination.

The collection features a select few of the UAE’s most gifted artists. Diaa Allam, an international UAE-based artist celebrated for his mastery of Arabic calligraphy and live art performances, stands as a beacon of artistic brilliance. His ability to seamlessly blend 3D, flat, and motion calligraphy to convey values such as excellence, kindness, and growth is unmatched.


Diaa Allam, Artist, said: “As a participant artist in such an important milestone, I believe Etihad’s 20th year celebration at the new airport is more than just an exhibition. It is a platform that unites us and that gives the local talents the visibility to express their creativity in celebration of the past 20 years of the UAE and the upcoming future together.”

Another renowned artist contributing to this celebration is Amrita Sethi, the first NFT artist in the UAE and a true pioneer in the web3 space. As an award-winning artist, Amrita has consistently pushed the boundaries of artistic expression in the digital realm. Amrita’s artistic vision aligns perfectly with the dynamic and forward-thinking nature of Etihad Airways and the theme of Unveiling the UAE.

The other artists include Khawla Abu Saleh, Mohammad Reza Domiriganji, Sneak Hotep, Rami Dibo, Kristel Bechara, Aimi Sekiguchi, Karim Nafatni, Anna Chekh, Darrel Perkins, Aysha Al Hemrani, Gemma Gallagher, Gigi Gorlova, Bita Farzamnia, Noor Hasbi Bin Yusoff, Michel Gebrael, Ali Pasandideh, Ibanda Benjamin, Evgeniia Kozhevnikova.

An online auction will give art collectors and members of the public the opportunity to bid to own one of the 20 works. The winning bid for each artwork will secure the original physical or, in some cases, digital work of art which also comes with a unique NFT of the piece.

The auction will be run through Etihad’s blockchain technology partner, Arcube. The collection can be viewed, and bids can be placed at  The auction supports the burgeoning art community in the UAE and will conclude on 15 July.