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Enterprise Rent-a-Car enters long term rental market with Enterprise Flex-e-Rent

Enterprise Rent-a-Car enters long term rental market with Enterprise Flex-e-Rent

Enterprise Rent-A-Car today announced the launch of Enterprise Flex-E-Rent – a long term vehicle rental solution designed to meet the growing needs of today’s businesses.

Long-term rental has become increasingly popular amongst medium to large organisations as a way of creating scalability amongst their fleets, without the constraints and commitments of other vehicle supply methods.


Particularly beneficial to businesses requiring light commercials, Enterprise Flex-E-Rent provides customers with the opportunity to rent vehicles from just one day to three years with the flexibility to return one or all of them at any time without penalty. To further aide the customer, the light commercials can be liveried and racked according to customers’ specifications, providing a truly fit-for-purpose and branded vehicle.



Although the long-tem rental concept is not new, Enterprise recognises that commercial vehicles are critical for business success.  At a time when debt is expensive and harder to come by and organisations are looking to reduce gearing, long-term rental can help ensure a fleet remains off balance sheet.  Moreover, it continues to offer the flexibility required by many companies to scale their businesses accordingly.


With the strength and financial security of Enterprise behind the service, Enterprise Flex-E-Rent also has dedicated resources to invest in entirely new vehicles for its customers.  Moreover, the service can be provided as part of a more developed transport offering to include replacement and short-term vehicles as needed. In addition, with 340 local branches and a commitment to customer service Enterprise Flex-E-Rent will provide significantly enhanced service on a local and national level. 


John Collins, sales director UK and Ireland for Enterprise Flex-E-Rent, comments: “A lot of companies are looking for ways to run fleets without being tied into long term contracts or having to note the vehicles as liabilities on their balance sheets. With an increase in funding challenges, parts of the industry have been less equipped to meet that need in recent months. Talking to our own customers we’ve found that there remains a significant demand for flexible rental services to help them operate their own businesses more efficiently. That’s something we’re confident we can help with.


“It made perfect sense for us. We have over 340 branches from which to run the service – the most by far of any rental company in the UK and Ireland. The way we fund our fleet means we can grow it to meet the needs of this expanding market, and the high levels of service we’re known for in other parts of the business will also transition to Enterprise Flex-E-Rent and bring huge benefit.


“It’s likely to make most sense for companies with a need for a mid-sized fleet of commercial vehicles, but it could work equally well for cars used by a sales-force or smaller organisations that benefit from the flexibility long term rental can provide.”


For more information about the service, call Enterprise on 01784 221300