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Embratur welcomes choice of World Cup 2014 slogan

Embratur welcomes choice of World Cup 2014 slogan

‘All in one rhythm’ has been selected as the official slogan of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, to be held in Brazil.

Selected from 26 proposals, the slogan was chosen to represent the five concepts requested by FIFA, the local organising committee and the Brazilian government - cohesive society, power of innovation, striking nature, living football and land of happiness.

Embratur, the Brazilian Tourist Board, expressed its delighted with the choice.

“This slogan fits perfectly with the image of such a large-scale event and Embratur’s new aim of promoting Brazilian cultural diversity,” said Flávio Dino, president of Embratur.

“Music is one of Brazil’s most important cultural exports and is amongst the attributes we are best known for.”

Embratur’s forthcoming advertising campaign, involving investments of £6.4 million, to be launched in London during the Olympic Games, will promote culture as the unique selling point in Brazilian tourism.

According to FIFA the official slogan is also an invitation to everyone - Brazilians and international visitors - to explore the new rhythm of Brazil, a country which respects and stimulates diversity, produces innovation, has exuberant flora and fauna, alongside its love for football, music and culture.

For more information on tourism in Brazil visit the website or watch the official slogan launch video here.