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Ember launches emissions free coach travel in Scotland

Ember launches emissions free coach travel in Scotland

Ember is seeking to revolutionise coach services in the UK this week with the launch of the first ever service between two major cities using purely electric power.

Starting with services up to eight times a day in each direction, Ember will operate the 60-mile distance between Dundee and Edinburgh entirely on one charge of its batteries and without the need for a top-up during the journey.

There are zero emissions during the journey.

The services will briefly stop en-route at Inchture, Perth, Kinross and Rosyth.

Each 45-seat coach (currently socially-distanced with 20 passengers maximum) is fitted with complementary 5G superfast Wi-Fi as well as USB chargers at every seat.

The seats also recline enabling naps to be taken during the journey. 

Ember co-founder, Keith Bradbury, said: “People in the past have associated coaches with discomfort.

“There’s no reason why with these new Ember coaches which produce zero emissions, are quiet, produce no diesel or smelly fumes and are environmentally how we should all be travelling between major cities in future.

“We hope to be running 50 coaches within two years across Scotland if all goes to plan and then expand further across the UK.”

He added: “These services are the ultimate in responsible travel, and ideal for business and leisure travellers alike.

“Our drivers are highly-trained, ensuring the journey is safe and problem-free and crucially enable you to work onboard without interruption or simply enjoy the stunning scenery en route.”