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Emaar Hospitality Group rolls out Oracle Opera across Rove Hotels

Emaar Hospitality Group rolls out Oracle Opera across Rove Hotels

Emaar Hospitality Group is rolling out Oracle Opera, the globally operated property management system, across its Rove Hotels.

A key part of the organisation-wide digital transformation at Emaar, the implementation across current and future Rove Hotels projects is being undertaken by Key Information Technology.

The Opera Multi Property solution will enable a more efficiently streamlined property management system that will strengthen cross-selling opportunities, centralise reservation and event booking, and enhance all aspects of the guest experience.

The operations of all the hotels will be managed from a single location in the same data centre without any interface or synchronisation requirements.

Olivier Harnisch, chief executive, Emaar Hospitality Group, said: “With four operational hotels and six projects in the pipeline, all in Dubai, Rove Hotels has defined an innovative hospitality experience with its focus on offering the new generation of travellers an exceptional guest experience.


“The implementation of Oracle Opera will enable us to strengthen our customer service levels, and to promote our projects for greater returns and value creation.

“We are committed to introducing advanced digital solutions to strengthen our operational efficiency and productivity.

“Key Information Technology, our partner in the implementation, brings a solution that is tailored to our needs.”

With KIT’s team of Hospitality Solution Specialists supporting the implementation, Rove Hotels will experience a range of benefits of the Opera Multi-property connectivity, which allows an unlimited number of hotels and residences to reside within the same database ensuring instant data consolidation and streamlined configuration across the entire portfolio.

Rove Hotels can engage in guest profile-sharing across all properties enabling the hotel to meet all guest preferences at any given point in time.

The new cross reservation functionality allows instant availability search and subsequent reservation across multiple hotels, while the cross posting feature enables the hotels as well as the point of sale systems to cross charge guest postings across all properties.