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easyJet launches inclusive fare to woo corporate bookers

easyJet launches inclusive fare to woo corporate bookers

Low-cost airline easyJet is launching an inclusive fare for corporate passengers and travel bookers looking for easy, one-step transactions.

The fare combines services important to corporate bookers, such as a bag and seat selection, with easyJet’s low fares.

The new Inclusive Fare is only available through the GDS and other booking systems connected to the easyJet API and will help easyJet gain a larger slice of the corporate travel market.

Ruth Spratt, head of UK sales for easyJet, commented: “We are really pleased to be able to offer an inclusive fare for the first time - part of our campaign to make ourselves easier to book and attractive to large corporates.

“It will help us to compete even more effectively with the legacy carriers as well as providing further choice and value for the ten million plus corporate travellers who choose to fly easyJet every year.

“In the past 12 months easyJet has made great strides into the corporate travel arena by signing a large number of corporate contracts and, based on customer feedback, we are confident the launch of the Inclusive Fare will further strengthen our appeal to large corporates.”

The inclusive fare is available now. 

From May 2013 fast track security has been provided to flexi fare passengers at 27 airports amounting to 54 per cent of the airline’s business network and that is set to substantially increase over the coming months as it is progressively rolled out to more airports across pan-European easyJet’s network.