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S. Fleet Performance + (S.FP+) is a brand new digital solution aimed at reducing airlines’ unplanned maintenance and the associated effects and costs.

Combined with the latest technologies of the Skywise Core Platform, S.FP+ is an integrated solution aimed at improving Technical Operations team collaboration, aircraft dispatch, unscheduled event anticipation and fleet reliability.

Based on Analogue to Digital Conversion, data collected both in flight and on ground, plus some machine learning analysis, S.FP+ will propose technical solutions for all defects even before they trigger.

Competing products are segmented and focus on a single aspect of the operation. They have different user interfaces and offer no integrated workflows between modules.

The S. Fleet Performance + solution provides a harmonised user experience and interface. It brings together all relevant personas such as Maintenance Control Center operators, reliability engineers and fleet managers in a single environment, breaking silos across airline organisations and operations.


S. Fleet Performance + takes collaboration a step further by extending it from the working level to the top management level, providing valuable information to support strategic decisions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is machine learning technology that gives computers the ability to interpret, manipulate, and comprehend human language. Day-today applications can be found in ever more popular voice assistants or your phone’s predictive text functionality.

Businesses use Natural Language Processing software and tools to simplify, automate, and streamline operations efficiently and accurately.

S.FP+ includes NLP technology that detects repetitive faults and identifies associated technical documentation references. Based on knowledge ranging from the individual aircraft to the Skywise Community levels, Natural Language Processing allows S.FP+ to determine a defect’s most probable cause, significantly reducing investigation times and right fix implementation.

Over the last 18 months, an Early Adopter Program involving several airlines confirmed the added benefits of the solution and its new features. One of the early adopters, long standing Airbus operator easyJet, has further expressed its trust in Airbus Services by becoming the launch customer of S. Fleet Performance +. The UK low cost carrier, who has flown Airbus aircraft since 2003 and been an Airbus-only operator since 2011, was particularly attracted by the way the solution’s integration eases fault solving.


Swaran Sidhu, easyJet Head of Fleet Technical Management, said:
“SFP+ offers easyJet a single source solution that contains the most up to date aircraft health data and predictions, optimal guidance material and intelligent troubleshooting advice that enables first-time fixes leading to rapid aircraft AOG recovery for commercial operations.”