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Dutch Tourist Board launches new iphone app

Dutch Tourist Board launches new iphone app

The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) is today launching a Holland layer in the Layar application; a free application for iPhones and Android handsets. Holland layer enables Dutch and overseas visitors to view tourist information about approximately 17,000 locations and attractions. Through this application NBTC is offering visitors an opportunity to obtain tourist information in an innovative and exceptional way.

HOW DOES THE holland Layer WORK?
Tourists in Holland with the Layar application on their iphone or Android handset are able to call up details about attractions in the vicinity of their current location. For example, someone who is standing on Amsterdam’s Museumplein, can hold up their handset with the Holland layer and automatically obtain information on nearby places of interest. It is also simple to request directions to attractions from your current location. In the database behind the Holland layer there are approximately 17,000 tourist locations. The most important ones are available in nine different languages.

holland COMES TO YOU
As NBTC continues to increase its digital marketing portfolio, Charel van Dam, NBTC’s Online Marketing Manager, said: ‘Mobile phones are being used more and more to search for tourist information. By introducing the Holland layer we are simplifying access to this information for our target group. National and international visitors can instantly find all relevant tourist information in the proximity of the place where they happen to be. This gives them an opportunity to discover Holland in a new way.’

To give a festive touch to the Holland layer launch, on 30 April 2010 (Dutch Queen’s birthday and a national holiday in Holland), five diamonds will be ‘hidden’ in four Dutch cities highlighted in the Holland layer. The first five people to use the Holland layer and find the secret locations will win a Gassan diamond.