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Tropic of Cancer inspires travellers in 2010

Tropic of Cancer inspires travellers in 2010

The Great Adventure People have already introduced five new tours this year to meet the requests of travellers wishing to experience extraordinary Egypt and Morocco.

Another surge of interest is now expected following Simon Reeve’s recent adventure travel series, “Tropic of Cancer”.

In the BBC documentaries, Simon Reeve travelled almost 23,000 miles and visited 18 countries following the Tropic of Cancer. Gap Adventures is expecting travellers to follow in at least some of his many footsteps.

The company plans to introduce new tours within both Egypt and Morocco in 2011 as it is expecting a further rise in interest to these destinations following Simon’s adventures.

“The destinations that Gap Adventures visits are always guided by what our travellers want,” says Bruce Poon Tip, founder of Gap Adventures.


“Right now, Egypt and Morocco are extremely popular destinations and to reflect this, we have introduced new tours to satisfy the demand and we will be adding even more in 2011.”