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Denis Island in Seychelles remains big game fishing heaven

Denis Island in Seychelles remains big game fishing heaven

Last week Ravinia Larue, the Sales and Reservations Manager of Denis Island, proudly circulated for all to see the picture of the 74-kilo tuna caught by the Australian Angler Glen Kinder. This week she is again caught on with anglers at Denis Island and sent pictures of a catch of King Fish caught by a visitor to the island with a passion for fishing.

“This was just from a morning’s fishing excursion,” said Ravinia Larue.

Denis Island, a private resort island working with the label “one island – one hotel” is managed on eco-friendly terms, and the owners believe in being seen as good custodians of the island. “Being self sufficient is a lot of what we use, [as] is the hotel’s kitchen … guiding principle for the farm of the island,” Ravinia Larue said.

Denis Island is but 30 minutes from the main island of Mahe by air and offers what can be best described as unrivaled swimming. It is a heaven for big game fishing and also have their own Dive Center for their hotel guests. They have embarked, with the support of Nature Seychelles and the Department of Environment, to have many of the Seychelles endemic birds relocated to the island in a bid to provide protection to this natural treasure.

The owners of the island are Kathy and Micky Mason and the Mason Family with Salvatore Puma as the resort’s General Manager for its 25-villa resort complex.