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Delta’s ‘Faces of Travel’ initiative aims to expand diverse representation in travel imagery

Delta’s ‘Faces of Travel’ initiative aims to expand diverse representation in travel imagery

Delta is collaborating with Adobe to champion a more accurate and authentic representation of travelers today in order to inspire positive, lasting change within the travel industry and beyond.
Travel has the power to connect diverse people and communities and foster understanding across cultures. But all too often the images and videos of travel used in advertising and social media lack diversity and representation – something that Delta and Adobe are joining forces to change.

The companies have teamed up with creative company Kin and photographer Seo Ju Park to create Faces of Travel, a 100-image library that reflects a more inclusive – and accurate – view of diverse travelers out in the world enjoying travel in extraordinary ways. The library will be available for the public via Adobe Stock at no cost for social media, advertising and other content creators.

“Faces of Travel was designed to better reflect the diverse customers we see on our planes every day and ensure they feel seen and heard in broader travel culture,” said Shannon Womack, Delta’s Director of Lifecycle Marketing. “The importance of this initiative goes beyond Delta, and we want to encourage others to take part in this movement because we know that it will take all of us to truly reflect the faces of travel.”
Adobe amplified the collection to its 3 million users, making this diverse and inclusive imagery widely accessible to content creators, journalists and others in the industry. By making these photos and videos widely available, Delta and Adobe hope to inspire creators, influencers and journalists to present a more inclusive picture of global travel across a wide range of media and content platforms.


Delta, in partnership with Refinery 29, launched the collection and a behind-the-scenes video at a viewing experience and celebration held at the Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure Museum in New York, which included a panel discussion with Park, who is Korean-Mexican and uses her work to explore the world and the diversity of people in it. The panel also included Chelsea Sanders, VP Brand Innovation & Strategic Partnerships at R29; Kwame Taylor-Hayford, Co-founder of creative company Kin; and Alexander Julian, Stylist & Travel Editor. The conversation was centered on diversifying the travel blogging space and empowering the BIPOC community to change the travel landscape, one photo at a time.

Supported by two films, out-of-home advertising, social media and influencer partnerships, the Faces of Travel initiative showcases how the image library can be used to model real world inclusion and change the face of travel for the better.

Building on the goal to increase representation within travel, Delta partnered with The Atlanta Global Research and Education Collaborative (AGREC) in 2021 to form the “Keep Climbing: Navigating Global Spaces with Black and Brown Faces” program. Through this effort, Delta works with six GA-based colleges and universities to expose more students of color to study abroad programs and increase the percentage of Black students traveling abroad.

Additionally, the Faces of Travel builds on Delta’s commitment through IBM’s Advertising Fairness Pledge made earlier this year to identify unconscious bias in our advertising, underscoring our longstanding efforts to reflect diversity and boldly pursue equity in advertising and marketing campaigns.