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Deer Jet to accept AVCARD at Chinese bases

Deer Jet to accept AVCARD at Chinese bases

Deer Jet has announced that it will start accepting AVCARD aviation charge card at eight of its fixed-base operators across 19 airports, making them the first locations in Asia Pacific to qualify and join the Air Elite Global Network.

In doing so, Deer Jet strengthens its position in the international business aviation market, joining a network accepting the card at over 7,600 worldwide locations, renown for delivering exceptional customer service experiences. 

Air Elite fixed base operations are also members of the World Fuel Services Network, a global leader in the downstream marketing and financing of aviation, marine, and ground transportation fuel products and related services.

WFSN earns brand recognition and customer trust by benchmarking the legendary standard in customer service, and by ensuring that each location follows high quality standards.

Deer Jet chief executive Zhang Peng, explained: “More than a new milestone addition, by accepting AVCARD, Deer Jet’s fixed base operations assuring that clients receive the most efficient services at every step of the air travel experience; making easier for clients to charge fuel, maintenance, charters, catering, flight training and many other aviation services at FBOs.

“Once again, Deer Jet is leading and promoting the upgrading and global competitiveness of China’s business aviation, keeping its commitment towards providing reliable, seamless, world-class service experience for customers worldwide.” 

By joining Air Elite Global Network, Deer Jet fixed base operations qualify to accept AVCARD, adhering to the highest international standards in the industry.