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Deer Jet touches down in Antarctica for new charter service

Deer Jet touches down in Antarctica for new charter service

Deer Jet has become the first Chinese private jet operator to fly to Antarctica.

The arrival of one of the company’s private jets at Wolfs Fang airport marked the launch of a new charter service between China and Antarctica.

Deer Jet is known for its pioneering role in transforming business aviation in Asia and the world.

More than 22 years ago the company established the first private jet operator in China and transformed itself from humble beginnings to its current position as the largest business aviation group in Asia.


Deer Jet’s new Antarctica service is more than a milestone for China’s business aviation.

This operation is also significantly contributing to the development of international air travel and transportation, providing with access to the world’s most remote areas.

For this specially challenging flight, Deer Jet had prepared for over a year, conducting and evaluating hundreds of risk tests, flight routes, and flight support and emergency plans to assure a flawless and safety operation.

Furthermore, Deer Jet is adding a new chapter to the history of the travel industry by building infrastructure and introducing innovative services for better and faster international travel.

After the building of the new route, Deer Jet will add the Antarctica to its travel itineraries.