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Deer Jet recognised for unparalleled safety record

Deer Jet recognised for unparalleled safety record

Deer Jet has received the National Business Aviation Association Corporate Business Flying Award for 21 years of accident-free flying.

This award recognises the commitment of the company and its employees towards achieving excellence.

According to NBAA records, the company has accomplished close to 260,000 hours of flying without an accident involving damage to property or injury to persons.

The NBAA Corporate Business Flying Safety Awards have been awarded to a number of member companies with a proved record of excellence in operations and safety.


“We feel very honoured to receive this award from such a distinguished authority, being recognised by NBAA not only testifies for our world-class operational and safety standards, but also encourages us to do even better,” said Zhang Peng, chairman of Deer Jet.

Since 1995 Deer Jet has leaded business aviation in the Asia Pacific region, starting by establishing the first private jet company in China, then it integrated the entire service chain for aircraft charter, management, maintenance and ground service; and now it is engaged in expanding its services to serve clients across the globe.

Today, Deer Jet owns and operates a fleet of 86 aircraft, flying to more than 820 airports across 180 countries and territories.

The company’s brand has become an icon of safety and reliability in business aviation.

Deer Jet

Deer Jet, a wholly owned subsidiary of HNA Group, was started in 1995 as the first private jet company in China, and is one of the leading business aviation services companies in the world.

The company specialises in private jet charter and aircraft management and maintenance services, owning and operating an integrated supply chain and a network of FBOs and MROs, delivering seamless luxury air travel experiences for clients.