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CSHAE selects new leadership in Bahamas

CSHAE selects new leadership in Bahamas

Members of the Caribbean Society of Hotel Association Executives (CSHAE) have elected a new leadership team and board of directors to guide regional association executives for the next two years.

CSHAE executives also hammered out a strategic plan for the region’s hotel associations.

Lisa Hamilton, president, United States Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association, was elected president of CSHAE succeeding Frank Comito, executive vice president, Bahamas Hotel Association, who held the position since 2009.

Ms Hamilton will serve until 2013.

Gilda Gumbs-Samuel, executive director, Anguilla Hotel & Tourism Association, was elected vice president while Neil Forrester, general manager, Antigua Hotels & Tourism Association was re-elected as treasurer and Noorani Azeez, St. Lucia Hotel & Tourism Association, was elected secretary.

Other members elected to the CSHAE Board of Directors include:

  • Frank Comito, executive vice president, Bahamas Hotel Association.

  • Pancy Cross, executive director, Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association.

  • Clarisa Jimenez, president and chief executive, Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association.

  • Louanna Chai-Alves, executive director, Trinidad Hotels, Restaurant & Tourism Association.

  • Valya Pantophlet, project manager, Sint Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association.

  • James Hepple, president & chief executive, Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association.

    From left: CSHAE executives Gilda Gumbs-Samuel, Birney Harrigan, Neil Forrester, Sue Springer, Frank Comito, Tom Pas, Valya Pantophlet, Stacy Cox, Lisa Hamilton, Louanna Chai-Alves, Clarisa Jimenez, and James Hepple

    Prior to the CSHAE AGM, hotel and tourism association executives across the region met to develop a Work Plan designed to guide their efforts over the next several years towards strengthening the work and roles of associations both at the local and regional levels.

    Outgoing CSHAE president Frank Comito commended his colleagues as well as Josef Forstmayr, CHTA president, Alec Sanguinetti, CHTA director general and chief executive, and Richard Doumeng, CHTA president-elect, for participating in the developmental sessions.

    “When looking at the work being done on the ground by many of our hotel associations throughout the region, it is impressive,” stated Comito.

    He added: “We want to do a better job at sharing information and best practices so that we can be even more effective at the national level while helping to strengthen the overall Caribbean brand at the regional level.”