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Club Med, the Pioneer of the All-Inclusive Concept, Announces New Resorts

Club Med, the Pioneer of the All-Inclusive Concept, Announces New Resorts

Club Med, the pioneer of the all-inclusive concept, announced a variety of new developments including three forthcoming international resorts — the brand’s first resort in South Africa and the first Exclusive Collection (5-Star) resort in South America.

These new openings will reinforce Club Med’s shift to exclusively offer 4 and 5-star products and the brand’s ambition to expand its portfolio with three to five openings or renovations per year. Additionally, the brand continues to build on its Happy to Care corporate social responsibility program with a new environmental certification at Club Med Tignes and additional developments in North America.

New Beach & Safari Resort: Club Med Tinley
The hospitality landscape in South Africa is about to be redefined with the 2026 opening of Club Med Tinley, a first-of-its-kind beach and safari resort and the brand’s first-ever location in South Africa. Situated in KwaZulu-Natal, a province renowned for its diverse natural beauty and year-round warm weather, Club Med Tinley will feature a surf-lifestyle concept, as well as the opportunity to stay on a Big Five Game Reserve and embark on a magical safari. The beach resort will be nestled on the North Coast, fondly known as the “Dolphin Coast,” and offer panoramic views of the beach and coastal dunes. The resort interiors, entertainment and gastronomy will carry the flair of the African continent, drawing inspiration from the location, climate, and cultures of Southern Africa. Three hours away in Northern Natal, guests will enjoy the same all-inclusive experience at the 80-room game lodge, with access to the wonders of the animal kingdom through a complete safari adventure.

The 4-Trident (4-star) resort will include an Exclusive Collection space, providing a 5-Star oasis of tranquility and indulgence to complement the pristine natural environment, along with a spa, fitness center, yoga school and an adults-only Zen pool and bar. For those looking to play on their vacation, Club Med Tinley will offer an array of land and water sports for couples, friends and families, including the very first Surf School at Club Med. In keeping with brand’s dedication to corporate social responsibility, the resort will embrace environmental stewardship through its Bye Bye Plastic Program, Green Globe sustainable tourism certification, and eco-certified construction.

“Club Med Tinley is the manifestation of the brand’s pioneering spirit,” says Carolyne Doyon, President and CEO of Club Med North America and the Caribbean. “Developing the first Club Med resort in South Africa with a unique beach and safari concept affirms our commitment to creating meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime vacations that allow our guests to truly connect with nature and each other. We are thrilled to introduce a new generation of visitors to this jewel of South Africa.”


New Exclusive Collection Resort: Club Med Gramado
Club Med has announced the development of Club Med Gramado, the brand’s first Exclusive Collection (5-Star) resort in South America and the fourth resort in Brazil. The resort will open in 2025 in Rio Grande do Sul, one of the most attractive regions in the country, known for its dramatic canyons, gastronomy, wine, and lively local culture. The climate is warm in the summer and snowy in the winter, offering picturesque backdrops for weddings and events. Gramado is the third most visited destination in South America, with a new national airport set to open nearby to accommodate the growing demand. The new resort will expand the international reach of this already beloved destination and reinforce the brand’s commitment to providing unforgettable vacations in unique places for locals and tourists alike.

New Eco-Chic Resort: Club Med Borneo
Nestled between the woods and the waves in the enchanting landscape of Kota Kinabalu, Club Med Borneo, opening in 2025, will offer a pristine paradise where jungle meets idyllic white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Embracing Club Med’s commitment to eco-friendliness, the resort’s design blends harmoniously with its lush surroundings, drawing inspiration from the woods and sea. Every element has been thoughtfully crafted to ensure minimal ecological impact while providing utmost comfort and luxury throughout the 4-Trident property and Exclusive Collection space. Club Med Borneo will be both BREEAM and Green Globe certified, furthering the brand’s commitment to low density, sustainable development.

New Urban Oasis Resort: Club Med Urban Oasis Xianlin Nanjing
Situated in the urban region of Nanjing China, Club Med opened the world’s first urban oasis resort, Club Med Urban Oasis Xianlin Nanjing, on October 18. The resort combines the brand’s renowned premium, all-inclusive product with the cultural richness of the city for a more exclusive and personalized vacation experience. The resort is located next to the nearby railway station, making it the world’s first metro-access Club Med resort, and among Nanjing’s four major scenic areas – Purple Mountain, Quixia Mountain, Tangshan Mountain and Yanziji – with breathtaking natural surroundings and nearby activities. The resort features an indoor heated water park, outdoor water screen light show, outdoor explorer park and sport activities to accommodate every type of traveler.

Renovations: Club Med Marrakech La Palmeraie
Club Med Marrakech La Palmeraie, situated in the heart of Morocco, will be undergoing renovations to renew and transform itself to provide a premium, all-inclusive experience for guests. The 2023-2024 renovations will consist of:

Baby Club: Coming December 2023, the resort will welcome the creation of Baby Club to its Children’s Club. The new indoor and outdoor area will accommodate babies starting at 4 months to 23 months in a nurturing environment with activities and dedicated play areas.
Family Oasis: To further the family-friendly programming, the resort will create an extension of La Palmeraie with a family oasis, named The Ksar. The family oasis will offer 66 2-bedroom accommodations with a family swimming pool and a dedicated bar. Designed by Laurent Maugoust, the new Superior and Deluxe rooms will combine hues of blue inspired by the Moroccan culture and greens reminiscent of the gardens of Palmeraie.
Enhanced Rooms: The Superior and Deluxe rooms will be refreshed with new hardware, finishings and more in the bedrooms and bathrooms by the end of 2023.
Club Med to Shift its Portfolio to 4T and Exclusive Collection Resorts
Continuing its ambition to be the most desirable lifestyle vacation brand, Club Med will shift its entire portfolio into 4-Trident (4-Star) and Exclusive Collection (5-Star) resorts. From April 2024, the brand will only offer 1) premium, all-inclusive beach and mountain Club Med resorts and 2) Exclusive Collection spaces, resorts, yachts, villas and chalets. The current 3-Trident resorts — Club Med Serre-Chevalier, Club Med Djerba La Douce and Club Med Arcs Extrême — will transition into 4-Trident properties. In total, there will be 21 Exclusive Collection products available by end of 2023.

This news represents the completion of Club Med’s upmarket shift and its continued role as a major player in the high-end, all-inclusive space, offering guests its own carefree interpretation of luxury rooted in the brand’s French heritage. From the eco-chic luxury suites at Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda to the ski-in and ski-out accessibility at Club Med Val d’Isère, the Exclusive Collection portfolio prioritizes experiences with loved ones in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Corporate Social Responsibility and BREEAM Certification at Club Med Tignes
Club Med continues its efforts dedicated to responsible tourism and corporate social responsibility initiatives through its Happy to Care program. Current initiatives for 2023-2024 include:

Bye Bye Plastic Program: By 2024, Club Med Columbus, Club Med Cancún, Club Med Turkoise, Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda, Club Med Québec, Club Med Caravelle, Club Med Buccaneer’s Creek will have eliminated single-use plastic products in the resorts.
Local Reef Partnership and Workshops: Club Med Turkoise will expand its current partnership with Turks and Caicos Reef Fund to bring interactive workshops to guests to learn about the surrounding coral reefs, its beauty and how to protect them.
Additionally, Club Med commits to eco-certifying the construction of all its new resorts with BREEAM or their local equivalent as part of its continued efforts dedicated to responsible tourism. Club Med Tignes has completed its BREEAM certification, one of the most recognized international and independent eco-construction certifications in the world. The resort, which opened in December 2022, has now integrated sustainability measures that emphasize reduced carbon emissions, low impact design, adaptation to climate change, ecological value and biodiversity protection.

Festive Weeks Offer
Club Med invites guests to reunite and celebrate with loved ones through the ‘Happy Everything’ holiday sale, available for booking through October 31, 2023. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, guests can enjoy a festive, all-inclusive vacation with discounted rates and dedicated holiday programming across all nine North American resorts. Whether guests are looking for a sunny holiday in the Caribbean or a winter wonderland in Canada, Club Med has it covered. Through the Club Med Amazing Family programming, local and international holiday cuisines, colorful festive decorations, and shows performed by resort staff – Club Med ensures all guests enjoy the holiday season.

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